Parking Love

short film / 8:20 min / 2013

kränze parkplatzliebe

Loverboy and Kitty 78 arrange a Parking Lot Sex Meeting online. But the “Love-Adventure” doesn´t work out the way they imagined. A Shortfilm about unfulfilled Phantasies, desires and stolen shoes.

Written and Directed by Peter Meister
DoP: Björn Frieling
Editor: Kerstin Kockler
Cast: Anna Böger, Mex Schlüpfer
Distribution/Sales: Interfilm
AG Kurzfilm Catalogue 2015

Festival Screenings:
Filmfest Dresden
Interfilm Berlin
Comedy Cluj International Film Festival
Washington DC Shorts Film Festival
Hollywood Independent Film Festival
Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Filmfest Düsseldorf
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Filmz – Festival des Deutschen Kinos
Geneva Film Festival
Shorts at Moonlight
Berlin Independent Film Festival
Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Bunter Hund
Award of Excellence beim Canada International Filmfestival

Critics (excerpt):
“Acting, directing, and writing are exemplary. Really it is hard to identify a substantive weakness of the film. One would probably have to watch it multiple times to find one.”
Jon Gann, DC Shorts Filmfestival